The ROI of Success

ROI, return on investment is an important matter to consider when you’re making choices about how you spend time and energy in your business.

If you choose to spend that energy on something with little or no return, then your energy is wasted. Your energy as an entrepreneur is one of your most precious assets. So, evaluating ROI is crucial when you make decisions about how to proceed.

You can think of it like an equation. When the return, the benefit, the outcomes are greater than the time, energy, and resources you spend, then you’ve got a positive ROI. That’s a good thing!

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Trusting Your Boss

About twenty-five years ago, one of my friends told me he wanted to quit his job because he didn’t trust his boss. He was in the kind of job where he had complete autonomy and didn’t really have too many occasions where he had to interact with his boss.

I kept probing, trying to understand what trust had to do with what he was hired to do. In my estimation, he was at the top of his grade, top salary, no one told him what to do because he had workers under his command, and he had a lot of latitude, except that he was always on call because he was the only one who knew how to fix whatever was wrong.

At that time, I was right. Trusting his boss should not have been an issue since his boss didn’t interfere with what he was doing and he couldn’t be replaced so easily.

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Understanding The Meaning Of Popular Motivational Quotes

Inspirational quotes are great as they give you the inspiration that you need to move on with life. Have ever thought about the deeper meaning of a quote? Here is an explanation of the most popular motivational quotes.

If you work just for money, you’ll never make it, but if you love what you’re doing and you always put the customer first, success-Ray Kroc

This quote lets you know that there are many other factors that define success and happiness. The first step to being happy is loving what you are doing. When you love your work you will commit yourself in it and you will provide your customers with the service that they need.

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Emotional Self-Care While Managing Your Home and Starting Your Business

If you are a new business owner, or are just beginning to start a new business, it is crucial to be aware of emotional well-being and ways to keep your mental health in check. Emotional health is just as imperative as physical health, and so often new entrepreneurs skip out on healthy eating for convenience foods, skimp on the sleep, and feel that they are too busy to exercise or take time for themselves. You, embarking on a fabulous journey for a fabulous future, need a healthy mind to keep moving forward in terms of everything that goes into your business (while also managing home and family). Here are some ideas for you to keep your emotional health in a positive state!

Keep Work Separate

One action you can take to avoid emotional anguish is to keep your work separate from your home responsibilities and family time. Designate days or certain times during the week for just focusing on your business. When this is done consistently, you will be less stressed about all of the things you need to get done. Knowing that you can only worry about or focus on your business during the time allotted, you will stay emotionally grounded. An emotionally grounded “you” will be more pleasant to be around and will enjoy time to the fullest with family.

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